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The Dishwasher

Having had phenomenal success with one Korean company, Hyundai,   I tested the waters once again when it came time to buy a new dishwasher.  I’ve had maybe four dishwashers in my time, mostly from Sears, Maytag, and Frigidaire.  Each one had a similar life in the Wright household.  Minor issues, but usually holding up pretty good for six, seven or eight years until it just got too ridiculous to try to keep it going.  Then it was time to get out the circulars and look for a deal.  This last time, I decided to look at what was on sale at the local appliance superstore, and to glance at what other people thought on-line.  Kind of what you’re doing.  I settled on the Samsung DW7933LRASR/AA.  This is a mid-high range 24-inch wide dishwasher that was on sale at H.H. Gregg here in Pittsburgh for $530.  It comes with a 1-year warranty, and since I’ve never had any issue that I couldn’t fix myself with any other dishwasher, I turned down the extended warranty.

The Samsung - A Thoroughly Crappy Appliance
The Samsung DW7933LRASR/AA – A Thoroughly Crappy Appliance

About six months after the warranty expired, it crapped out.  Halfway through a cycle, two lights on the control panel were blinking.  I looked online to see what could be done, and was informed that this was and un-fixable problem, and that I’d have to contact a Samsung technician.  So I went to YouTube.  Nothing there either.  So I called H.H. Gregg.  They don’t service Samsung appliances.  They directed me to Best Buy who would send somebody out to diagnose my problem for $100.  Having no dishwasher (except me), I told them to send somebody.  When the guy got there, he told me that it was going to cost me $100 for a failed sensor, and $100 more for labor.  So the whole ordeal would cost me over half what I paid for the thing.

I sent a letter to Samsung through their customer service on-line page.  I told them that paying $300 to fix a $530 dishwasher with an un-fixable problem was ridiculous when the appliance was just over a year old.  I said that at least they could kick in the part for free.  I got a politely worded “Dear Rick” letter, which spawned this reply:

I understand Samsung’s position.  I hope you understand mine.

I’ve had exactly one experience with Samsung appliances.  That was a complete disaster.  When I tried to get help, I was told very politely where to get off.

As a big believer in on-line reviews to inform my buying decisions, I will relate this experience to any and all since it is really the only recourse I have.  Maybe your products can withstand bad reviews and this is figured into your business model.  Maybe the good will of a single consumer is statistically unimportant.  Maybe this will reduce Samsung dishwasher sales by .0001%.  Pay for the $100 sensor or lose $1000 in sales and any possibility of selling any Samsung product to me and mine in the foreseeable future.

Statistical noise to you, a crappy dishwasher for me.

So they didn’t know that I was a blogger.  Oh well, too bad for them.

Now, I understand that one bad apple doesn’t necessarily spoil the whole barrel, but I have my convictions.  Neither me nor mine will ever buy anything from Samsung again.   No phones, no snazzy electronics, no nothing.

Rick’s rating on the Samsung dishwasher:  1 Stick – I have to admit that we still use it.  But I’m sticking to the known quantities in appliances from now on.  And my experience with their customer service will keep me away from all things Samsung from now on.

1 Stick - Avoid like the plague, but stop short of fire-bombing the factory where it's made
1 Stick – Avoid like the plague, but stop short of fire-bombing the factory where it’s made





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