About Rick

avatar2Rick has been married to Denise for twelve years and they have a son Max, 11.  In a previous life, Rick was married for 20 years and has two grown kids; Laura, 33 and Ricky 28.  Rick and Denise have a granddaughter Scarlett, 2, with more on the way.

Rick is a nuclear engineer and avid ice hockey player who, after 44 years still has all his teeth.  He has had the opportunity to travel, work and live in interesting places all around the world.  In his work, he has made great friends from all over the place who he visits whenever possible.  All of this travel has allowed him to amass a huge volume of pictures and stories about places he’s been and places he thinks others should see.  The purpose of these posts is to help you make the most of you trips.  Typically, we stay in the hotel and within blocks of the office that we are working from when we go out of town.  In many places, a small effort to get out of the city will bring great rewards.

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