Travel Philosophy

I grew up lucky.  My folks took us on long car trips every summer.  Florida, Nova Scotia, California, Mexico, we went everywhere.  When my kids were small, I tried to do the same.  I tended to take them places that I’d been as a kid, or places that friends said were nice.  Now, with the internet, finding interesting places is a snap.  And having a seasoned travel veteran to guide you is the best.

Some of us travel for work.  Some of us travel A LOT.  There are pros and cons.  Typically, you fly to the airport, get a car or a cab to the hotel, eat with your colleagues, get up, go to your meetings, go back to the airport and fly home.  You could be in Honolulu or Newark.  The Marriott is the same, the food is the same, the meetings are the same.  This kind of travel stinks.  A better way is to get your work out of the way, and take advantage of the places you find yourself.  Almost every city (well, maybe not Newark) has great things to see, both in town or a day’s drive outside of town.  Taking the opportunities to check these out can make your ho-hum business trips into adventures. Think of it as a scouting trip for bringing back your family with all the frequent flier miles you’ve racked up.  Day trips allow you to base out of the city you know all too well, then find interesting places a short distance away you may not even know are there.

Try one of my trips next time you go somewhere you used to think was boring.

Just stay out of Newark.

Daytripping with Rick